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Mycology Education from a New Lens

The Medicinal Mushroom Masterclass

Dionysus The God of Fermentation
Fig. I: Dionysus - The God of Fermentation

The Medicinal Mushroom Masterclass

Module I: An Introduction to Medicinal Mycology

Out Now

Medicinal Mycology

Understanding Fungi Through the Lens of Human Health & Wellness

Welcome to the Evolved Mushrooms educational portal.  In addition to free webinars accessible to all viewers, we have released the first module of our Medicinal Mushroom (Cultivation) Masterclass.  Our first module explores a broader lens of fungi including lessons in Ecology, Biology, Evolution, Mythology and Ethnomycology.  This first module is intended to broaden awareness of fungi (and mushrooms) beyond conventional mushroom cultivation training in order to provide a greater depth of understanding.  The lessons of Mycology extend deep into other subjects.  We are here to present those that have inspired us and informed out work over the passed 5 years.

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Deepening Understanding

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Mycology offers an incredible shift of perspective.  From lessons in sustainability, ecology, evolution, medicine, nutrition, human psychology, mysticism and agriculture to name a few, we offer a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to understanding this incredible science.  Like mycelium, the roots of connection within this field extend into many other fields.  Our primary focus aims to broaden your awareness and provide tangible skills to support the health and wellness of human health in better equilibrium with our natural world.  

Each of these courses is deeply informed with an understanding of the natural sciences.  In doing so, we hope to bridge our current understanding of the biological sciences with some of the most exciting and novel approaches to mycology.  As the youngest natural science, mycology has an incredibly significant role to play in helping us shape a more sustainable future.  Our vision is to help provide exposure to some of the fascinating lessons to be found within these sciences to help impassion our students to continue their own journey of exploration.

A Path of Evolution

Bridging the Sciences

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The Art & Science of Cultivation

Grow Mushrooms with Intention

Medicinal and gourmet mushrooms are two of the most quickly emerging industries.  Between hobbyist cultivators and mushroom enthusiasts, to practitioners and future industry leaders, our mission is to provide you with a solid foundation from which you may apply these lessons to a diversity of cultivation practices.  We highlight the medicinal application of fungi and will be offering a specific lens in fungi applied in human life.  These skills can easily transfer to laboratory, medical and even agricultural application to name a few...

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