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Advanced Mycology Education

Certifications, Courses & Masterclasses

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Masterclass Series

Introduction to Medicinal Mycology

Self-Paced; Start Anytime

Medicinal Mycology

Applying Fungi for Human Health & Wellness

Welcome to the Evolved Mushrooms Education portal. Here, you'll have access to:

  •  Free Webinars introducing the foundations of medicinal mycology

  • The Medicinal Mushroom Masterclass, an advanced cultivation training that expands into a broad and diverse understanding of how mycology functions.

  • Evolved Wellness, our signature advanced training for enthusiasts and professionals alike to learn how to safely and effectively apply medicinal mycology to their lives and the lives of their patients.

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Image by Andrew Ridley

Deepening Understanding

A Multidisciplinary Approach

The study of mycology offers a revolutionary shift of perspective that can improve our ways of living– from an individual to a human race.


From lessons in sustainability, ecology, evolution, medicine, nutrition, human psychology, mysticism and agriculture, Evolved offers a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to understanding this complex science.


We are devoted to providing tangible skills to support holistic health for optimized equilibrium with our natural world.  

Evolved expertly bridges the current medical understanding of the biological sciences with some of the most exciting and novel approaches to mycology.


As the youngest natural science to date, mycology has a significant role to play in helping us shape a more sustainable future.


Together, we co-create the evolution of the future through exploring the sciences of the earth.

A Path of Evolution

Bridging the Sciences

Image by Manuel Barroso Parejo
Image by Timothy Dykes

Art & Science of Cultivation

Growing Mushrooms with Intention

Medicinal and gourmet mushrooms are rapidly emerging industries worldwide.


From hobbyist enthusiasts, to professional practitioners and industry leaders– we offer a diverse educational foundation for all mycology purposes.  


Our curriculum uniquely offers advanced mycology understanding that can be expertly applied to laboratory, medical, agricultural environments and countless more.

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