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Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation Masterclass

Module I Now Aailable

The Medicinal Mushroom Masterclass Module I

Course Outline

Module I: An Intro

Welcome to the Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation Masterclass. Module I is now available and takes a broad step back from the nuance of cultivation technique to offer a greater depth of perspective in Mycology. This module is aimed at supporting a deeper understanding of fungal ecology, mythology, ethnobotany and biology. In taking a broader step back and widening the lens, we can better understand how fungi play a critical role in global ecosystems, human life and how we may better understand the natural world. Enjoy this documentary-style course hosted by Evolved Mushrooms founder Jonathan Fredette and dive into this world with us together. Module Curriculum: Ch I: Preface (Mycology) Ch II: Ancient Partnership (Evolutionary Mycology) Ch II: Symbiosis (Fungi Ecology) Ch IV: Food of the Gods (2 Part Full Length) All admission comes with one free medicinal tincture of your choice plus a 1:1 consultation with Jonathan ($150 value)





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