Season of Medicinal Abundance
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Mushroom Sets

Botanical Blends

The Botanical Blends are an intentional fusion of effective herbs and mushrooms blended in specific ratios for desired effect and taste.  Each of the blends hosts ~50% of a specific mushroom extracted and blended with 4 other individually extracted herbs that compliment its effect.  Using organic cane alcohol, these extracts host a clean potency with a kick.  Enjoy the synergistic effects of the mushrooms and their herbal counterparts in the Botanical Blends. 

Pure Mushroom Extracts

The Pure Mushroom Spagyric Extracts offer an effective expression of the incredible support each individual mushroom can provide.  Using a triple-extract method and 100% Mushrooms, (no mycelium or grain filler) we provide a potent and effective tincture that delivers the diverse array of benefits.