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Welcome to our entire selection.  We offer unique support to our community of clients and customers with real solutions for targeted functional wellness. Each ingredient is meticulously extracted from a proprietary methodology we've honed for over 5 years, blended in specific ratio, and filtered for optimal taste, potency and benefit.  

Functional Mushrooms

Our functional mushroom extracts are made with 100% organic mushroom fruiting bodies with organic cane alcohol and distilled water.  These simple and clean ingredients combined with carefully sourced mushrooms demonstrate their effectiveness themselves.  Based on evidence-based literature, we only use mushroom fruiting bodies for optimal Beta-glucan and additional constituent potency.  


A Synergy of Mushrooms and Herbalism

Mushroom Botanical Blends

Mushrooms truly potentiate with the right combination of ingredients.  The Botanical Blends feature a specific herbal : mushroom ratio that combines leaves, roots, flowers and stems of herbs whose medicinal value parallels well with a mushroom.  We individually extract each mushroom and herb with its own given solvent ratio to offer an optimal extract when combined with other ingredients.  


Save with our Combination Sets

Daily Regimen

We also offer subscription options at additionally discounted prices for each of our sets and individual products.

Each of our combination sets offer a regimen for daily support.  Each mushroom and herbal blends supports you through promoting positive energy levels.


The Dual Extract

A Full Spectrum Extract

It is well-known that many of the medicinal components found in mushrooms, such as beta-glucans, are water soluble.  Others, such as potent triterpenes, are require a stronger medium, such as alcohol.  For this reason, all of our extracts are dual extracts, using both water and high quality cane spirit.  The potency within this type of medicinal reveals itself in the taste, color and in lab analysis.  It is also highly effective in preserving mushroom extracts and increases their shelf life. 

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