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Sleep Deeply

Restorative sleep is essential to holistic wellbeing.  It is in these cycles of rest that our bodies and minds reset, repair, heal and cleanse, allowing us the support we need for the next day.  Approximately 10% of the United States may suffer from insomnia.  Healthy rest is key to a healthy mind and body.  Knowing this, we've combined these talented ingredients in a specific ratio that may support the relaxation of the nervous system and restlessness of thoughts.  As a sedative blend, it is recommended to take only before wanting to sleep, with the hopes of promoting deep and nourishing rest.     

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Hand Selected Ingredients

Chamomile is a popular aromatic flower commonly used to settle nervousness and irritability.  It is a traditional European herb that is known to support relaxation and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Used as a gentle calming agent, chamomile can work well with other stronger sedatives since it supports a complimentary, gentler profile.   It has been used in clinical trials to help treat anxiety disorders and is widely used as a favored tea among people throughout the world.


Reishi is one of the most well-sought after mushrooms today, with a history dating back ages in eastern medicine.  Used as both an anti-inflammatory and soothing agents, Reishi is is used as both a general immunity tonic and as nervous system support.  It has been studied to help soothe anxiety and relax the system and has been reported to support dream states.  

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Valerian Root has been used since the ages of Roman Empire as a sedative and nervous system depressant.  Used as a popular remedy for sleep loss, agitation and anxiety, it commonly reduces blood pressure and has been shown to improve sleep quality.  It has been studied as a highly effective agent for improving sleep quality, even in comparison to non-herbal treatments.  It is a stronger sedative than some of the other ingredients within this line. 

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Passion Flower is a beautiful, tranquilizing flower whose original habitat can be found in North America.  It has long been valued as a sedative in North American tradition, used to induce sleep while relieving anxiety.  Clinical studies have shown that this flower has helped improve sleep quality and therefore may be supportive for those with insomnia.  Used as general tonic for anxiety and irritability, it may be a milder tranquilizer than the popular, Valerian Root.   

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California Poppy contains active compounds that act on the GABA receptors of the human central nervous system.  These compounds typically have calming and sedating effects and may promote healthy sleep.  Studies with California Poppy used in combination with Valerian Root showed significant improvements in sleep duration and sleep efficiency.   

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