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Mushroom Herbal Botanical Blends

Our Botanical Blends are the culmination of four years of experimenting and adjusting ratios of specific mushrooms and select herbs to bring about a balanced and optimal range of effects, taste and wellness support.  With an average ratio of 1:1 of herbal blend to mushroom, we focus our blends on the mushroom with the supportive qualities of additional herbs.  Each leaf, flower or root is extracted, pressed and filtered individually in order to bring about the best expression of each ingredient.  We finally blend them in the final stage both to taste and potency.  Enjoy the benefits of herbs and mushroom combined in synergy.  

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A Daily Wellness Protocol

Buy the Wholes Set and Save

The Botanical Blend Set

We specifically designed each of these blends to support you throughout the flow of your day.  With the cognitive and stimulating support of Primal and Mindful to begin your day and enhance your athletics, Rejuvenate and Immunity are blended keep your immune system strong and resilient to stress.  Finally, the Restful blend includes an herbal-mushroom formula designed specifically to enhance sleep quality.  Buy the whole set and receive one on the house.  

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