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Unlocking functional wellness through the power of carefully extracted mushrooms and botanicals

Solutions for Supportive Wellness

Uniquely Crafted with Dedicated Intention

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Sam Hardy

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Instructor

The cordyceps blends feel like borderline cheating with my cardio. In the winter months they also help when I'm feeling my immune system waiver.


Verified Client

Evolved Mushrooms is pioneering an honest, community caring approach to medicinals.

Anna Lane

Events Coordinator

The blends have amazing taste and depth, and they are definitely potent! The blends of herbs and mushrooms are fantastic.

Devin Close

Verified Customer

Puts me in just the right mood! Keeps me feeling at my best!

Jake Dyson

Athlete, Climber

The tinctures from Evolved Mushrooms are top notch! The Lion's Mane assists me with my cognitive brain function (I have a high stress job and struggle with depression / anxiety / ADHD)