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"Thank you so much for your wonderful products which I know are hand crafted with quality and care.  Your Mushroom Extracts and Botanical Blends have made a different in many of my clients lives as well as my own."

-Mindy, Owner, Dragon Herbarium, Portland OR

Verified Wholesale Client

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  • 100% Organic Mushroom Fruiting Bodies & Botanicals

  • Individually Extracted Ingredients Blended in Specific Formulation

  • Long Duration Custom Tincturing for Potency & Bioavailability

  • White Labeling Available

  • 50% off Retail Pricing

  • Accompanied Education & Consultatio

  • Uniquely Designed Extraction Process

  • Safe & Effective Solutions for Client Wellness

Supportive Partnership

We offer complimentary consultation and education to help you better serve your clients.  We are a team of mushroom cultivators and clinical herbalists with backgrounds in health sciences, nutrition, traditional herbal extraction, laboratory sciences and natural medicine. 


Medicinal Fungi are abundant with compounds that offer a broad diversity of support for a wide range of solutions for personal health and wellbeing.  Combined with our herbal extracts, they offer targeted remedies of support.  We are happy to help offer you broader perspective in ways in which you may assist your clients and customers. 

Cordyceps Militaris extract.

Mushroom - derived oils shown 

Our Process Behind the Scenes

We've worked for over 5 years fine tuning our process to produce an end result. Aside from effectiveness, we focus on taste, quality, clarity and stability with out extracts.  


The 'tincture' is made through a gentle extraction process whose primary ingredient is time.  We give each of our extracts a long duration for the solvent to saturate.  Using organic cane alcohol and clean, distilled water, we focus on eliciting both water soluble and alcohol soluble components for a full-spectrum product.

Each ingredient is extracted in its own customary ratio and later blended with other ingredients that enhance each medicinal remedy. 

Sourcing is one of our most important processes.  With our established connections with local, organic herbs and carefully cultivated mushrooms, we have found consistency and reliability with clean and effective, local medicinals. 

We filter each of our products for a clean final product, effective and pleasant in taste to be easily incrorporated in daily wellness ritual. 

Bulk Medicinal Mushroom Dual Extracts

For over five years we have been serving our clients and local communities with herbal and medicinal mushroom extractions.  

Using a dual extracted solvent, we provide full spectrum benefits of medicinal mushrooms and herbal mushroom blends.  

Each of our extractions are custom batch and done intentionally with small scale precision.  While many of the available medicinal mushroom extract products are shipped overseas and created through large scale industrial infrastructure, we provide locally crafted extracts using locally cultivated and wildcrafted material.   

We use processes that are terpene-sensitive, while focusing on effective extraction of polysaccharides such as Beta Glucans and triperninoids present in each mushroom.  We source 100% fruiting bodies and do not include any grains or fillers in our products.  

For more information, please reach out to or fill out our application below.


"Thank you so much for your wonderful products which I know are hand crafted with quality and care.  Your Mushroom Extracts and Botanical Blends have made a different in many of my clients lives as well as my own.  Kind regards from all of us at Dragon Herbarium."

-Mindy, Dragon Herbarium, Portland OR

Verified Wholesale Client

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