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The Collaborative Collective

Welcome to the Mastermind

“Communication is merely an exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity.”

-Sean Stephenson

It's all about connection.  The strength of our growth lies in the foundation of our roots.  Within community we may grow, collaborate, learn and excel together.  The Mastermind is the third iteration of a collective community in which embodies shared growth through cross-pollination of various modalities of expertise.  As a peer-based collective, we act as individual nodes within a matrix of a collective to promote the evolution of one another's personal development, mission & service to the people and communities we serve. 

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Forest Sunrays
Snowy Trees

Jonathan Fredette

Community Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Citizen Scientist

As a business owner and community leader, I am deeply passionate about collaborative growth.  I've hosted gatherings of over a hundred people, workshops and mastermind gatherings for over 5 years, and have witnessed the potential of expansive individual growth when rooted within community.  It's so apparent the difference in strength with numbers.  We diversify our skillsets, potentiate one another's projects and provide a unique foundation from which you and your service may thrive.  As your facilitator, I am here to help us connect with greater resources and opportunity to learn, grow and excel in our own offerings.

Sunrise over Mountains

Our Ethos


With a community support aware of your personal vision, mission and goals, we offer the chance to help keep you sharp and on track.  With positive reinforcement, enthusiastic support and goal tracking, we maintain momentum as a collective.


Through clever and creative cross pollination of marketing, collaborative workshops and seminars, we have the opportunity to synergize and market our collective talent, allowing you to grow your business alongside one another.  


As your facilitator, I will connect us regularly with outside local leaders, experts and opportunities for us to expand our skill and understanding in ways that will encourage the successful growth and expansion of our visions.

Abstract Background

Strengthen Mastery

How We Work

The strength of our our community lies in the collective of our own individual expertise.  With an emphasis on entrepreneurship within the healing arts and sciences, our shared expertise lies in how we support one another in our own individual enterprise.  Without a hierarchy, we may support one another through the facets and talents we each bring to the table.

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