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Pure Medicinal Mushroom Dual Extracts

Each of our Pure Mushroom extracts are made with 100% Mushroom Fruiting Bodies.  Evidence-supported findings have demonstrated that dual extracts of mushroom fruiting bodies contain the highest amount of bioavailable compounds versus mycelium grown on grain.  Our mission is to support you with the highest quality and most effective, bioavailable form of medicinal mushrooms.  We support local cultivators through intentional sourcing to ensure the mushrooms primarily come from U.S-based cultivators.  Enjoy the benefits of our Pure Mushroom Extracts.


Daily Wellness Ritual

The Five Mushroom Fortifier Set

We've selected five of the some of the most well-known and supportive mushrooms within our fortifier set to help support broad range wellness. From proper immune function to energy and stress relief, these allies are here to help promote a difference in wellness you can feel.


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Locally Cultivated in the Pacific Northwest

Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules

Lion's Mane mushrooms, cultivated locally from our favorite masters of Lion's Mane is a mushroom well-known for its nootropic effects.  Lion's Mane is used to promote neuron health, treating nerve injury, mood and digestive support. 


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