Accelerate the growth and understanding of Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation in this deep-dive collaborative immersion.


We invite you to join us live May 22nd and 23rd for this immersive online workshop where we offer an opportunity to deepen you mycology practice. Through a holistic lens, and with an emphasis in a diversity of medicinal fungi, this series will allow you a broaden your scientific understanding, experiment, sharpen your approach, and develop tools to scale.


With an emphasis in community education, we aim to connect you with the tools of trade as well as a community of cultivators you will have the opportunity to learn from and share your experience with. From here, we offer the ability to envision and explore ways in which you may develop you skill sets as a future cultivator.


We're taking the time intentionally to include a broad and diverse amount of content so you can apply what works within your journey to your work with mushrooms. With this, there are an abundance of opportunities to curate new products, offerings and medicinals for your respective communities.




  • Mushrooms and Humanity: A Glimpse into History
  • Fungal Biology: Essentials for Cultivators
  • Principles of Advancing Mycology
  • Mastering Your Grow: Effective Substrates, Spawn and Additives
  • Conditions for Success: Crafting the Ideal Indoor Environment
  • Curating a Culture: Fungal Genetics, Agar Culturing and Phenotype Selection
  • Mushroom Immunology 101: Exploring the Medicine
  • Experimentation and Project Ideas: Direct Application


This course features local mushroom business Bridgetown Mushrooms, our of Portland, OR, who specialize in large scale production of incredible mushrooms for local farmer's markets, restaurants and grocery stores.


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