Join the exclusive  Evolved Mushrooms Mycology Mastermind in which you can learn, share and connect with fellow cultivators within the mushrooom community.  Whether you're a novice, expert or somewhere in between, you are welcome.  


Each month, we will take time to dive deep through two-hour intensives in which we explore the following:

  • The Art and Science of Mushroom Cultivation
  • Cultivating Medicinal Mushrooms 
  • The Biology of Mushrooms
  • Ecological Applications of Mushrooms and Fungi
  • Processing and Extracting Medicinal Consituents
  • Mushroom Pharmacology 
  • Growing Mushrooms for Food 
  • And More... 


Through bi-monhtly (2x/month) we will host local experts, guests and similar minds to share everything from permaculture applications, to developing mushroom business models.  You will be able to directly influence the direction of the mastermind.  Based on the needs and interests of members, we will curate intentional content to help you fulfill your vision.  


Meeting times begin February 1st @ 6:30 PST and repeat every two weeks.  Timing is also subject to change based ont he majority needs of the group ~



Mycology Mastermind Monthly Subscription

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Mycology Mastermind
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