The Emerging Science of Mycology

Updated: May 27, 2020

Mycology is a young science in many regards, although it is interesting to imagine ancient Egyptians who hunted medicinal mushrooms, preparing healing topicals and such.

But today, the our history of partnership in the West with fungi seems to be turning a new chapter. It wasn't until the 1950's that Fungi were classified as unique from animals. Indeed, they were known as "anamalcules" beforehand.

China and other Asian countries seemed to have a much earlier appreciation and even reverence for mushrooms that our modern society.

Today, we are amidst a resurgence of "citizen scientists," individuals experimenting on their own to create new medicine, strains and experimental grows to provide food and medicine to their communities.

It is truly a mind-blowing endeavor to take it upon yourself to dive headfirst back into science, attempt to experiment and record data like the science method has taught us in the passed.

To work with nature is to observe, record, experiment and attempt to better understand how it works in order to work with it. We learn to cultivate so we may benefit from the bounty of harvests that nature can provide.

It is an endeavor of unlocking secrets, personal self-development and taking it upon yourself to work in line with Nature itself.

~Artwork Below by visionary artist Martin Bridge~

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