We Are Ever Evolving


Evolved Mushrooms is going through a transition in its evolution, growth and development.  As we begin to explore ways in which we solidify our work, we are moving towards the creation of a new laboratory in Portland, OR.  In the meantime, we are focusing our energy in education, broadening deeper in and beyond mushroom cultivation into the world of the Mycological Sciences.  There are truly unimaginable opportunities for us to grow, connect, heal and evolved in deepening our understanding of the mycological sciences.  

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2pm - 5pm PST , 3pm - 6pm MST Online (2)

With over 10 live courses led, we are growing closer to our goal of providing the most up-to-date methods for cultivating gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  With an emphasis on the application of medicinal mushrooms, we promote an awareness of the best ways to cultivate and incorporate varieties of functional mushrooms into your daily life.