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In education, we find empowerment.  It is our vision to promote the best wisdom, practices and application of Mushroom Cultivation within a collaborative community to support the collective dreams and aspirations within this progressive movement of citizen scientists.  

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The Mycology Mastermind will be a routine online community gathering where peer-to-peer mentorship, collaboration, education and self-development are at its core.  Together we are here to move you closer to the realization of your vision. From the standpoint of mushroom cultivation, we offer regular updates, advice and experimental design of mushroom cultivation innovation.  This science-focused community will also promote space to share and celebrate personal growth, lessons and areas to progress.  Through updated  exposure to research, political policy and resources, we are here to promote a holistic approach to becoming involved within the movement of mushroom cultivation and beyond.  

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The Mycology Network Membership

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New Live Courses Every Month!

2pm - 5pm PST , 3pm - 6pm MST Online (2)

With over 8 live courses led, we are growing closer to our goal of providing the most up-to-date methods for cultivating gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  With an emphasis on the application of medicinal mushrooms, we promote an awareness of the best ways to cultivate and incorporate varieties of functional mushrooms into your daily life.  



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