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The Art & Science of Cultivation

Essential Training with a Deeper Perspective

Mycology and the world of mushroom cultivation is a newly emerging field with so many possibilities and exciting arenas to explore.  Within this series, we offer you foundational skill training with a well-rounded scientific and mystical perspective of biology, fungal ecology & ethnobotany so you have a stronger, more robust understanding of Mycology.  We distill down the complexity of mushroom cultivation into easy-to-understand processes so you can experiment, innovate and create your own path of cultivation.  While we approach this study with a lens of focus on medicinal fungi, these principles can be applied to a wide diversity of species and projects...

Wild Mushrooms

Our Curriclum


Interwoven Themes

Our mission extends beyond the simple steps of mushroom cultivation.  Together we will explore a broad range of themes that span from deep mysticism to the hard sciences of biology and everything that lies in between. We aim to connect with the depth of experience to be found within the intersection of the Kingdom of Fungi and Humanity.

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A Historic Glimpse

The connection between humanity, fungi, and the mystical experience extends deep in our history.  Very recent evidence is now surfacing and revealing the extend to which we have used fungi in ceremonial practices. 

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Biological Sciences

Gain invaluable insight in Mycology, the study of fungi, and better understand how fungi operate within this world and how we can best learn to work with them in symbiosis.

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Practical Application

Develop the real-world skill of mushroom cultivation.  The applications are truly immense.  From growing food and medicine for your community, to entering a newly emerging market, or simply gaining a better understanding of how to work with fungi, these skills can be applied to many facets of daily life.

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Endless Application

Mycology is in its early stages of development.  From better understanding cultivation, we can apply our work with fungi in an incredibly diverse arena of work. From building myco-materials, leather, packaging and clothing to diverse medicine, 'mycoremediation' and unique sources of food, the Kingdom of Fungi offers an abundance of areas to explore.

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Functional Natural Medicine

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Exploring Novel Genetics


Sustainable Food

Homemade Bread

Natural Fermentation

Autumn Forest

Ecological Restoration

Broken Concrete

Mycelium Based Deisigns

Amanda, Oregon

"I can't tell you how much my skills have evolved since your class.  Communing and sharing with other mushroom nerds shifted the game for me.  So thankful for choosing me”
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Jonathan Fredette

Mycologist, Cultivator, Educator, Citizen Scientist

This is my fourth year of leading educational series and I'm extremely excited to continue to delve into the world of Mycology, entrepreneurship, and the healing arts and sciences with you all and beyond.  I have a diverse background in medical sciences, nutrition and business after having worked in various kitchens, medical laboratories and now, mycology labs.  With this has come a deep appreciation of the healing arts of Mycology, Biology, Ecology and Human Health and has provided a wealth of knowledge in applying lessons and medicine into human life.   Having cultivated fungi for over 7 years and watched a diversity of students make incredible strides in their own gardens, labs and businesses, I am  excited to turn the page on another chapter of this path...

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Additional Resources

Mycologist's Materials List

The living Material's List helps by providing access to a document that accompanies each project with recommended links to resources, tools and equipment so you don't waste time getting well equipped.

Free Consultation

Gain free 1:1 consultation with your instructor, Jonathan Fredette while this course is live.  Whether you have specific questions or would simply like to introduce yourself, the opportunity is available to you.

Workflow Series

The Workflow documents outline critical step to many of the different stages of mushroom cultivation.  Included with admission are these phone-friendly series of follow-along-steps that break down the process for you seamlessly.

Community Network

Explore the opportunity to connect with others in this community-based series.  Network with like-minded visionaries and other students in attending this course and tap into your own mycelial network.

Recorded Access

Whether you attend live or need to attend in your own time, you will have lifelong access to the recording of this series.  Rewind to the important steps, fast forward through tireless rants and access forever.

Certificate of Completion

Gain a certificate of completion at the end of your course and know you have a notch in the best of a skillset that sets you apart from many of the world.  

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