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Resilient Immunity

Mushrooms have been found to be incredibly powerful immune support agents for helping support against viruses and other pathogens through promoting and activating our own innate immune system.  


Artisan Crafted

Unlike most mushroom products that are either mycelium based or undergo excessive industrial extraction, we extract using precise, small-scale methods supported through science to bring you potency with care

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Catalyst, Body Worker

Jonathan is a constant inspiration and motivator to keep my personal and professional life in order.  Evolved Mushrooms has kept my mental and physical function top notch and able to handle whatever challenges show up

Nathan Orchard, International Jiu Jistu Competitor

Evolved Mushrooms is a must have for anyone looking to gain a healthy and natural competitive edge or even just improve day to day wellness. Whether I need a boost of energy or help recovering I use Evolved Mushrooms.

Jake Dyson, Previous Student, Cultivator

You can tell that you're passionate about what you love and its infectious.  Seeing you dive into and share your passion has been inspiring to me. 


Founder, Cultivator, Educator 

Jonathan Fredette

B.S Health Sciences,  PSU - Oregon Health and Sciences University

I founded Evolved Mushrooms in 2019 to help spread the wisdom and medicine the mushrooms have to offer, while also empowering myself and my community to take their own health, education and vision into their own hands.  



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