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Who We Are

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Nurture a Beautiful Mind

Feeling like you need support with staying focused in an incredibly fast-paced world?  Rates of ADHD, depression and anxiety definitely aren't decreasing and we need the tools that can help nurture a healthy mind.  We want you to thrive, feeling immersed in your flow, focused and present.  Instead of continually chasing stimulants, we offer support for your brain to perform at a greater potential.  Have you heard of Lion's Mane Mushroom?  

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Cognitive Performance

A double-blind clinical trial revealed that consistent use Lion's Mane mushroom for 16 weeks significantly increased cognitive functioning.*  In another study, it was shown to help support against depression and anxiety in a study of 30 women.  It is one of the most popular mushrooms for this reason.  Adults of all ages are finding the remarkable support of Lion's Mane for anxiety, depression and even ADHD.

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Hand Crafted with Intention

Small Batch Handcrafted

100% Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

Diligently Sourced Ingredients

Fast Acting and Potent

Unique Formulation 

A Team of Herbalists and Mycologists


Locally Crafted Lion's Mane Mushrooms

We source our Lion's Mane from an excellent local cultivator here in the Pacific Northwest.  We use 100% mushroom fruiting bodies, which have shown to be the most effective in comparison to other products with grain and fillers.  This daily regimen of Lion's Mane capsules are ready to go and last up to 1-2 months with recommended dosing.

High Quality Ingredients

Hand Crafted Lion's Mane Extract

Fast Acting Potency

Using the same high-quality fruiting bodies, our Lion's Mane Extract offers a potent experience.  Our hand-crafted extracts are properly tinctured, pressed and filtered.  This offers a stronger, bioavailable medicinal that you can noticeably feel.  This tincture offers a different way to interact with the medicinal as you can taste the experience and receive the benefits in a matter of minutes.

Mindful Botanical Blend

Calm & Focused

Our unique Mindful Botanical Blend is a fusion of Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract with individually extracted Bacopa, Gotu Kola, Ginko and Skullcap.  Each of these ingredients have been hand-selected for their ability to help support the mind, cognition and the nervous system, while helping reduce anxiety.  

Mindful Botanical Bundle

Our Mindful Botanical Bundle is our most robust solution for cognitive performance.  Each of the individual extract within our Mindful Blend are available within this discounted set.  Taken in conjunction, Lion's Mane's powerful brain support combined with Bacopa, Ginko, Gotu Kola and Skullcap each provide a unique aspect of support for cultivating a healthy brain.  From memory to cognitive performance, supporting neuron health and learning, these hand-selected herbs and fungi provide exemplary support for the mind.  

Sarah Parry

"The transition to motherhood is a lifestyle change like no other. Taking Lion's Mane has been immensely helpful for feeling focused, clear headed and motivated."

A Closer Look at Our Mindful Herbs

Bacopa (Bacopa Monnieria) is a perrenial herb native to wetland areas of many different continents.  It is traditionally used as an Ayurvedic remedy for cognitive support, memory and concentration.  A popular "nootropic" herb on the market, Bacopa is found in many common cognitive support supplements, and is quite popular for helping boost memory and concentration.  


Ginko (Ginko Biloba) is an ancient Chinese and Japanese medicine and stems from one of the oldest living tree species in the world, perhaps the oldest kind of tree on the planet.  Traditionally used in Chinese and Japenese for supporting cognitive function, blood flow to the brain, circiulation and memory, this herb is a strong and ancient ally for the mind.  


Skullcap (Skulletaria Lateriflora) is a Native American herb used as a tonic for nerve health, considered to have a "deeper" action on the nervous system, calming stress and anxiety.  Used in conjunction with other cognitive supportive herbs, skullcap may support positive nerve health, extending the benefits of other medicinals deeper into the nervous system.  


Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy used as a revitalizing herb to strengthen memory and nervous function.  As a peripheral dialator, it may support the synergistic support of other nootropic and nerve-supportive medicinals.

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