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Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation Masterclass

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Jun 19, 2023 - Jul 17, 2023

Medicinal Mushrooms Masterclass

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Course Outline

Module I: An Intro

The Medicinal Mushrooms Masterclass is a diverse deep dive in the art and science of medicinal mushroom cultivation. With a broadened perspective of Mycology that will include lessons in Ethnobotany, Biology and Ecology, this course provides a foundation of better understanding the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms accompanied with a deeper understanding of the ecology of our relationship with medicinal fungi. With a 5 module series and additional recorded labs to guide you through essential stages of the process of cultivation, this course will provide a strong foundation of understanding that you can then develop your own unique approach to medicinal mushroom cultivation. We blend the art, science and mysticism in this first ever master series and are inviting you to join us for the journey.



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Medicinal Mushrooms Masterclass

Medicinal Mushrooms Masterclass

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