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Our Story

Evolved Mushrooms began at the intersection of a collaborative partnership based within multiple fields of study to help spread the highest quality medicinals possible with our community. 

An Intersection of Influence

Mycology - Alchemy - Enthobotany - Herbalism - Health Sciences - Education 

Jonathan Fredette

Mycology - Health Sciences - Education

From an early age, Jonathan became acutely aware that the classic American lifestyle, diet and education were severely lacking in addressing many of the chronic symptoms we face as a society.  By the time he was a teenager, he turned to naturopathic medicine for his own healing, which immediately revealed the deep potential of natural medicine.  He graduated from the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health with a B.S degree in Health Sciences and worked within the OHSU Department of Pathology Laboratory, gaining an invaluable insight in allopathic medicine and laboratory sciences. At the same time he embarked in the "citizen science" pursuit of mushroom cultivation, with an emphasis in the exploration of medicinal application.  After several years of cultivation, research of medicinal mushrooms, and tinkering with various products and extracts, he founded Evolved Mushrooms.  Together with his team they work to bring high level accessible education through cultivation workshop series, local events and online community meetups. They specialize in producing the highest quality medicinal mushroom extracts possible and out of our partnership with Wildish Botanicals in Portland OR.  For over 5 years they have crafted mushroom tinctures and botanical blends to help connect their community with solutions of wellness and are excited to see the frontiers of Mycology begin to rise in popularity.  

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At one point we realized that to some extent, we've relinquished the authority over our own health to others, which has crippled our ability to help ourselves heal. We hope to help inform and offer tools to help our people optimize their health and wellbeing, and reclaim a sense of self-empowerment of their own healing process.


Storm Noyes

Extraction - Ethnobotany - Herbalism - Alchemy

Storm Noyes studied both classical herbalism, indigenous ethnobotany and alchemy for over 7 years and created foundation for the confluence of these practices within his project The Herbal Mystic. With an extensive background in working with a wide spectrum of medicinals, he came together with Jonathan to explore the art of extracting medicinal mushrooms.  From this, Evolved Mushrooms was born.  Their collaborative spirit is symbolized and manifest in the Mushroom Botanical Blends, in which the strength of potent mushroom extracts is infused with intentional herbal blends.  Together they have spent the last 4 years experimenting and designing new protocol for medicinal mushroom extraction and application.  Through Storm's expertise within the laboratory, we have been able to better understand the characteristics of various fungi and what they offer through direct observation, research and direct experience within the extraction process.

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We found power in being able to create our own medicine, and allow our whole system to inform us on the effectiveness of the medicinals we've created.  Many of our natural medicinals are sourced from cultures that have worked with these plants and fungi for hundreds if not thousands of years.  We have found a reconnection with medicine by working with it and studying it directly.

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