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About Evolved Mushrooms

In light of the circumstances we currently face as a human species, it is apparent we are at a very critical point in human history. We as a collective face both unique challenges and novel opportunities alike. This critical point is a chance to face these challenges and develop sustainable solutions that have the capacity to increase the resilience and self-reliance of ourselves as individuals and as a collective. 


Mycology, the study of fungi, has already provided an incredible array of solutions to some of the issues we face. From the development of antibiotics to growing sustainable food and medicine, aiding in the restoration of ecologically devastated land, or providing an incredible support for mental and spiritual wellness, fungi cultivation has already demonstrated its potency in its ability to answer some of these questions. Evolved Mushrooms is a journey to better understand the medicine that the fungal kingdom offers and make it available to local and far reaching communities. 

Evolved Mushrooms was founded in 2019 in Portland, Oregon in response to the growing need to enhance the health and wellbeing of our local communities.  Through cultivation and pharmacology workshops, we provide education that can help further one's understanding of how to work with mushrooms.  

Our primary focus is the production of high quality triple mushroom extracts and herbal blends that provide a potent array of medicinal benefits that optimize holistic health.

Together, we aim to grow this organization organically and expand our mycelial network within local and far reaching communities to help spread the medicine of the fungal kingdom.  

About Jonathan

From an early age I was fascinated with the elements of the natural world, and saw the miraculous way nature organized and collaborated to form intricate systems of beauty and complexity.  My early intrigue with the natural world later aligned with a deep passion for personal health and fitness. I was drawn to the question of how we as humans could optimize our systems from a holistic standpoint. 

Through exposure to early modalities of acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and meditation, it was clear to me that there were an abundance of tools the natural world offered to help us become better humans and heal. My personal mission became to find and offer healing and offer my unique perspective in whatever modality that the world seemed to need. 

While achieving my B.S in Health Sciences from the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health and working within the medical laboratory at OHSU in Portland, OR, I became fascinated with the pharmacology within mushrooms and how they helped me truly heal and explore new potential within myself.  

In 2019 I was driven to explore this world deeper and wanted to share my knowledge and medicine with my community. I founded Evolved Mushrooms as a means to simply spread the medicine. My goal is to better understand, produce and share the medicine found within the fungal kingdom and beyond. Through education, I aim to help others grow their own medicine while continuing to produce effective medicinal extracts that work well on a molecular level.  

Join me on this journey....

What People Are Saying

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Ryan Stroud


The Evolved Mushroom tinctures are positively life changing - literally. Within two weeks of taking two droppers daily of the Cordyceps tincture, I shaved over a minute off my lifetime mile run record. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible if I hadn’t personally experienced it. Evolved Mushrooms, thank you for bringing these incredible products to market!